But I Didn’t Inhale…

Dumbest Play of the Week

I should have learned by now…

Alex Rodriguez does something wrong, we condemn him for his actions, but then are ready to accept him again very quickly for what he means to the team (in terms of baseball performance).  Yesterday, for example, I found it very positive that the boos slowly turned to cheers in the Yankees’ game against the Toronto Blue Jays.  It was refreshing to see Alex hit the tie-breaking home run. 

All is good in the world…


And then Alex drives away from Dunedin Stadium with his cousin, Yuri Sucart… 



How stupid is that?  I guess Victor Conte and Greg Anderson were unavailable to ride with Alex…

The One Man Show

Watching the ESPN highlights of the Yankees game against the Blue Jays, I couldn’t help but notice that Alex was apparently the only Yankee who played the game.  The box score had other names, but the highlight reel seemed to show that the game was played by one guy.  I guess he fielded all positions and pitched.  He changed the names of his alter egos to protect the “guilty”…

Lost among the A-Rod Show was that Brett Gardner hit a home run,  That’s something we may not see again in 2009.  Here was a golden opportunity to show something that happens once in a lifetime, and ESPN chose to show about 25 different angles of A-Rod hitting his fourth inning home run.

Barton Silverman/The New York Times


Manny, it’s only money…

I think the Dodgers latest offer (2 years for $45 million) is very generous.  The latest offer differs from the original $45 million offer in November in that $25 million would be paid the first year with $20 million player-option for the second year.  It gives Manny some time to see if the market improves next fall and puts more distance between him and his ugly departure from Boston.  C’mon Manny, when is too much money not enough?  It’s not like the Giants are knocking on the door with $100 million…



Prediction for Julia…

Friday, April 24, 2009:  Yankees 7, Red Sox 4

Saturday, April 25, 2009:  Yankees 12, Red Sox 1

Sunday, April 26, 2009:  Yankees 9, Red Sox 3

Ah, life is enjoyable as Yankee fan…

Seriously, spring training and exhibition games are a great time of year.  It doesn’t matter if the Yankees lose and the Red Sox win…uh, on second thought, what am I saying?  Yes it does!  Go Yankees! 

By the way, if the Red Sox beat a college team but lose to a major league club, does that make their record 1/2-1 1/2?  😉

I know, that’s mean.  I guess I have this old-recycled photo coming for making anti-Red Sox comments…





  1. Jane Heller

    Scott, you are playing with fire by making those predictions! I’m way too superstitious to say we’ll blow out the Sox in that series. No jinxing for me. As for A-Rod’s cousin, Yuri has been “taken care of,” according to Cashman. Does that mean they dragged him into a back alley and shot him?


  2. scofid


    A little wager sounds good. I am up for it…just let me know what you think makes sense!


    Just so you don’t tell Julia, I honestly don’t believe my predictions. That would be too presumptious on my part, but it has been a running joke between her and I. Honestly, I think that Theo has done an outstanding job this offseason and once Lars Anderson arrives at Fenway, the whole Tex saga will be forgotten. Boston will be very formidable this year, and they clearly have the talent to go all the way. The AL East should be fun this year. How Brian Cashman reacted to the Yuri situation reinforced why I like Brian as GM. Dumb move on A-Rod’s part, but great response by Cash. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Yuri again anytime soon…


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