Young and stupid, or so the story goes…



“I knew we weren’t taking Tic Tacs”…


Alex Rodriguez

Alejandra Villa Newsday


Facing the media in Tampa, Alex Rodriguez admitted that his cousin had introduced him to “boli” under the presumption that it was an over-the-counter substance in the Dominican Republic.  The cousin injected Alex with the substance about two times per month on six-month cycles to help him get an energy boost.  These cycles were administered from 2001 through 2003 while Alex was a member of the Texas Rangers.


Alex insists that he stopped taking the drug in 2003 and has not taken it since that time. 


He opened the press conference with a prepared statement, in which he thanked the Yankees and the fans for their support.  The press conference lasted 32 minutes, and was attended by GM Brian Cashman, Manager Joe Girardi, Co-Chairman Hank Steinbrenner, and SVP Felix Lopez, as well as players Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, and Andy Pettitte. 


Is this enough?  Time will tell.  I agree with the comments made by David Ortiz that any player, going forward, who tests positive for PEDs should be banned for one year.  That obviously does not apply to Alex Rodriguez and his situation, but the incident occurred six years ago.  Major League Baseball is directly responsible for lagging behind the other major sports in implementing and enforcing a strict drug policy.  I don’t feel the same way about A-Rod that I did prior to the PEDs revelation, however, he does deserve the opportunity to regain our trust. 


“I know that I am in a position where I have to earn my trust back,” Alex said.  “And over time, I am confident, and at the end of my career, people will see this for what it is – a stupid mistake and a lesson learned for a guy with a lot of baseball left to play.”


If Alex can stay true to these words, I do feel that he can salvage some of his credibility and gain entry into the Hall of Fame when the time comes (contrary to what Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer may believe).  Being “stupid” is no longer a tolerable excuse, Alex.  You have to prove to us that you belong…




Meanwhile, in Monday’s press conference with Mark Teixeira…


“I watch ‘Sesame Street’ in the morning,” Teixeira said.  “And then I watch ‘Max & Ruby’ at night.”


What?  He should be BANNED from baseball for a year! 


Seriously, we moved from the Rock Star at First Base…


Rock Star


 …to Mr. Rogers in the span of one year.



Well, at least Mr. Rogers can hit…








  1. juliasrants

    Scott – I was watching A-Rods press conference with my two boys (11 & 14) and their response I thought was very telling:

    1. He never said he was sorry.
    2. Why is he saying that people who don’t go to college would use drugs?
    3. He let his cousin inject him with something that he didn’t know what it was?
    4. Why is he reading a script?
    5. We are young and WE know not to use drugs!

    Out of the mouths of babes. He didn’t score too many points in my house.

    And bring on Mr. Rogers – I don’t think we ever would have worried about him being a user.


  2. Elizabeth D.

    I did not know that Teixeira watched those shows… does he have children? I don’t remember them being mentioned… only “Mrs. Tex” convincing him to go to NY. I do use Sesame pictures in my posts sometimes… and I have to admit, I still watch Arthur! I love that show!! I heard that some of A-Rod’s statements didn’t matchup to the ones he made in the interview with Peter Gammons.

  3. Jane Heller

    LOL about Mr. Rogers, Scott. I’m glad we’ve got Tex, because he can actually play first base, but I’ll miss the Giambino’s ‘tude. As for A-Rod, I’m with you on the wait-and-see. Maybe he’ll find a way to turn things around and have a great season. I hope so.

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