Time to look forward…

Enough of the steroids talk already…

I don’t want to sound as if I condone the actions of Alex Rodriguez.  I don’t.  I recognize that his numbers are now tainted, but I am willing to accept the past as just that…the past.  With the current testing procedures in place, it isn’t likely that A-Rod is continuing to ‘juice it up’.  I’d be foolish to believe that his PEDs use stopped when he was traded to the Yankees, but I do believe that it did cease sometime over the past several years. 

Fans continue to crucify A-Rod, and many say that he should be banned from baseball.  I blame Major League Baseball.  They had a chance to act back in the late 90’s and did nothing.  Bud Selig, who is now so critical of A-Rod, was at the forefront of the inaction.  So, he’s directly responsible for allowing an environment where A-Rod and others could take performance enhancing drugs without violating MLB rules. 

Tony Massarotti of the Boston Globe wrote a great article earlier in the week regarding how A-Rod has been singled out.  I completely agree with his assessment. 

Andy Pettitte was asked about A-Rod and the list of 104 names of players who tested positive for PEDs in 2003 upon his arrival in Tampa.  “If they had to come out, that would be the way it needs to come out,” Pettitte said.  “You hate to see just one name leak out here or there.  But for me, I don’t need to see the names.  It was back in 2003, six years ago.  It’s a great game and it’s taking a blow right now.  The game will move past it.”  There is nothing that we can do about the past.  They aren’t going to take away World Championships from the Marlins or Angels, and the only way we can heal is to move forward.

Then again, what if I had taken performance enhancing drugs?…



Nah, just dreaming.  It would NOT have been worth it.  Besides, with my luck I would have been drafted by the Boston Red Sox…

Joe Torre made comments yesterday at Dodgers camp in Glendale, AZ that he was unaware of any drug use by players on his successful Yankees teams.  I find that very hard to believe.  For half of each year, he spent more time with and around his players than he did his family.  You see things.  You hear things.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to piece together the puzzle.  I realize that you cannot make statements based on assumptions, but I think “unaware” is a strong word.  He may not have had tangible evidence, but I’d have to believe he was suspicious of certain players.  I mean, c’mon, wasn’t Jose Canseco on the roster at one point?

Let’s move on…


The Big Slim Show…

I am not sure if Joba Chamberlain’s new tag of “Big Slim” on CC Sabathia will stick, but it’s great to see CC and A.J. Burnett in Tampa.


Gene J. Puskar/AP 


CC downplayed the opt-out clause in his contract and expressed excitement about playing for the Yankees and having the chance to go to the World Series.  He also is looking forward to being a participant in the great Yankees-Red Sox War. 

A.J. made a statement of the obvious in his assessment of the Yankees pitching rotation of Sabathia, Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte, Joba Chamberlain and himself when he said, “There’s no back end is the way I would put it.  You’ve got five guys that can win 15-plus, should”.

I am looking forward to watching these guys pitch together, along with Phil Hughes.


Other Notes…

The Yankees have signed righthander Brett Tomko, 35, to a minor league contract and non-roster invitation.  I don’t see where Tomko fits in, but I suppose he’s insurance against possible injuries and a potential trade target for a prospect if he shows anything in camp. 

The San Jose Sharks are having a tough road trip.  They lost Friday night to the Buffalo Sabres, but it is hard not to cheer for the City of Buffalo.   After the plane crash that killed 50 people on its approach to the Buffalo airport, Sabres coach Lindy Ruff said, “We needed that.  We needed a fairy tale ending”.  The Sabres had tied the game with 3.9 seconds left, and then won 6-5 in a shootout.   

I applaud the Sabres organization’s decision to play the game, and I am glad to see some joy brought to the community at a very difficult time for many. 

Meanwhile, the Sharks are now 1-0-3 on this road trip. They have lost three shootouts in the past 9 days.  Hopefully, they’ll be able to rebound soon.

Today is the first formal workout for the Yankees pitchers and catchers.  Baseball 2009 has arrived!  Life is good…




  1. Jane Heller

    Great pix of you! LOL. I wish I knew how to use Photo Shop. (Well, maybe it’s good that I don’t.) And before I forget, what are those flowers in the background of your profile shot? They’re beautiful. OK. back to baseball. You mentioned Selig. He said he was considering punishment for A-Rod but said nothing about Tejada, who pleaded guilty for lying to the Feds. Not sure I understand that one. And I agree about Torre. He had to have seen something. Did you hear what CC said on the subject of steroids yesterday? “I’ve seen a lot of guys doing a lot of things. You just take it with a grain of salt.” Not sure what “things” he was referring to. But if he saw things, so did Joe.


  2. Elizabeth D.

    The UM baseball organization was able to get past it Friday night when the field was dedicated to A-Rod. It happens to be two blocks away from my house. And much as I dont like A-Rod being the Red Sox fan that I am, I know that it isn’t right that it is only him that is talked about. The other 103 players just get to sit in the dark and watch him take the blame. It’s not right.

  3. juliasrants

    Scott – we always knew that about you! ;-D Tony’s article was great; I read it earlier in the week. And with Hank Aaron chiming in that he doesn’t want the record back, it is time for us to move forward. I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday!


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