Who’s the shortstop on the other team? He looks familiar…


It will be very strange when Derek Jeter comes to Steinbrenner Field on March 3rd as the starting shortstop for the WBC Team USA to face the mighty Yankees.  I found DJ’s comment to be very humorous:  “Hopefully, I won’t see any pitches inside”. 

Hopefully, this will not be an experience (DJ as a visiting player) that will be soon repeated! 


I heard the news that Ben Sheets will have elbow surgery and his agent is anticipating a July or August return (which, most likely, means that he is lost for the year).  Granted, any team that potentially could have signed him would have had a full physical evaluation before signing the dotted line.  But still, there was a lot of ink wasted with words that the Yankees should consider and sign Sheets instead of waiting for Andy Pettitte.

Still, it makes sense for a team, such as Texas, to take a flyer on Sheets after June when no compensation to the Milwaukee Brewers would be necessary due to Sheet’s status as a Type A free agent. 


I definitely had mixed feelings seeing pitcher Chase Wright go, but hopefully, he’ll get the opportunity in Milwaukee that he didn’t have with the Yankees.  All things considered, I think the Yankees did fairly well in acquiring C/OF Eric Fryer.  I don’t know how Fryer projects as a major leaguer, but his minor league numbers last year looked good.  He hit .335, with 10 homers and 63 RBI’s in 104 games for Class A West Virginia.  He led the South Atlantic League in batting average and on base percentage (.407) and was third in slugging percentage (.506).  I will be anxious to find out more about Fryer and to see how he performs in 2009.

Nevertheless, best of luck to Chase Wright, and I hope he gets the opportunity to return to Fenway Park one day to settle his score with the Red Sox (2007’s four consecutive home runs allowed).

AP Photo



Matt Cassel has definitely hit the lottery jackpot.  In this economy, how many people can go from $520,000 to $14.65 million in one year?  I am going to go out on a limb and say that’s probably the greatest pay increase ever given to a guy who never started a game in college. 

Counting Tom Brady’s cap charge of $14.62 million for 2009, the New England Patriots will have 25% of their $123 million 2009 salary cap tied up in two quarterbacks. 

Considering that Brady’s actual 2009 salary will only be $5 million with bonus of $3 million for making the roster, I wonder how Tom will feel about being paid less than his backup.  Forget about those past Super Bowls, Tom!  This league is all about ‘what have you done for me lately?’.  Too funny.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out…

Julia of Julia’s Rants will vehemently disagree, but I remain hopeful that Cassel finds his way to Minnesota in the form of a sign and trade.  C’mon, if I can’t have Manny Ramirez on the Yankees, I at least deserve to have Matt Cassel at QB for the Vikings!

Source:  The Boston Globe


7 days until Pitchers and Catchers report to Tampa…







  1. juliasrants

    You are so right – I will disagree with you! The Cassel story got a lot of air time tonight on the local news – and the question was raised – is Brady not going to be able to come back next season? And hey – I broke the $14 million for Cassel last Saturday on my blog! We need to keep Cassel until we know much more about Brady and his knee!


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