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This is an impressive first look at the new Yankee Stadium, complete with CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Mark Teixeira.  I realize that it is a virtual look, but it definitely has the “feel” of the old Yankee Stadium:  Sony MLB ’09  

Jon Heyman has indicated that the chances of the Yankees resigning Andy Pettitte are less than 50%, with retirement, the Dodgers or the Astros looming as possible alternatives.  Given the losses of Derek Lowe and Brad Penny, combined with the Astros’ budgetary constraints, I see a reunion with Joe Torre and Donnie Baseball as the most likely destination at this point.

Good luck to Justin Christian, who signed with the Baltimore Orioles today.  I’d like to see him experience success in the major leagues…well, so long as it isn’t against the Yankees.  Speaking of the Orioles, I’d also like to say good luck for former O’s player, Jay Gibbons who has signed with the Florida Marlins.  Yes, he is associated with steroids, but deserves a second chance.  I read kind words about Jay from Baltimore writer Peter *******, and while I think Jay the baseball player was earned another opportunity, Peter leads me to believe that Jay the man equally deserves…


Granted, I am not that familiar with the Red Sox starting rotation, but if John Smoltz is going to start, who’s the odd man out?  Assuming that Brad Penny nails a spot, and the front three (Josh Beckett, Dice-K, and especially Jon Lester) are secure, wouldn’t that leave Tim Wakefield as the odd man out?  I guess he could be the long guy or spot starter, but wow, he’s been a rock in that rotation for so long. 

I think it’s wrong that Michael Young was told to move to third base from shortstop by Texas manager Ron Washington, but all things considered, I think he should make the move and drop the request to be traded.  I just don’t see how the Rangers could get equal value in a trade given Young’s age and contract.  Elvis Andrus certainly deserves a shot at short, but this situation could have been handled much better…

The first baseball game I ever attended was at the old Busch Stadium in St. Louis on May 29, 1974  I remember that Tommy John was on the mound for the Dodgers that day, and the legendary Bob Gibson for the Cardinals.  The teams were locked in a pitchers’ duel, when I left to go to the bathroom.  Of course, while away, Ron Cey hit what would have been the first home run I’d ever seen in person.  A little dejected, I walked over the concession stand but noticed a line nearby.  I walked over to check it out, and saw an older guy in sunglasses signing autographs.  I figured that he must have been someone important if everyone was lined up to get his autograph.  I waited and finally got my turn.  I looked the guy in the eyes and shook his hand.  He proceeded to sign his autograph in a book for me, and I looked down and saw the words “Stan Musial”.  Of course, even though I was only 12, I had read about Musial (my first book of interest was about Lou Gehrig, so I had a preference for baseball autobiographies).  I was a little shocked about who I had just met, and somehow that made up for not seeing Cey hit that sixth inning home run.   As I look back, I became an Al Hrabosky fan that day and there has been no one who has pumped me up the way Al did when he did his Mad Hungarian routine before taking the mound for the next pitch.  But, startling as it was, I did not realize that the Cardinals first baseman was none other than Joe Torre.  He went 1 for 4, with a single.  The Dodgers won 5-2.  It was an incredible first game, and it set me on the path of a lifetime love for major league baseball.  You would have thought I would have become a Cardinals fan, but I guess that it was the love of baseball history I experienced through that early book about Lou Gehrig.  My favorite player at the time was A’s pitcher Jim “Catfish” Hunter.  On December 31, 1974, Hunter signed with the Yankees.  I went with him…



Al Hrabosky St. Louis Cardinals Autographed 8x10 Photograph with Mad Hungarian Inscription

Before managing the Yankees to four World Series championships, Joe Torre put together an outstanding 18-year career with four teams.

 And finally, why I am a Yankees fan…




  1. juliasrants

    The Red Sox find themselves in a strange position – possibly too many great starting pitchers! I see Smoltz, when he able to start, as maybe a long reliever until they are sure of his arm. After that? Who the heck knows!


  2. joefromnewhampshire

    Wakefield will probably stay in the rotation, but if everyone stays completely healthy then they have a problem, a good problem. And if they have six starters then they should get enough innings for everyone because more than one pitchers will miss multiple starts. Smoltz said he will be a starter, and is preparing as though he will be a starter, but if they have too many options, then he makes the most sense to go to the bullpen.

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