A quiet Sunday in Yankeeland…

All quiet on the Yankee front…

I have to give Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner credit, they do a good job of avoiding leaks to the press (unlike George in years past).


I keep trying to reconcile my mind to accept Phil Hughes as the #5 starter, but when I think of worst-case scenario (both A.J. Burnett and Joba Chamberlain down with injuries), I know that they need more if they are to compete against a Red Sox pitching staff that has 2006/07 16-game winner Brad Penny at the end of the rotation (without even getting to John Smoltz or the beefed up bullpen).


I saw that Nick Cafardo suggested that the Red Sox trade for Prince Fielder.  If the Red Sox were successful in acquiring Fielder, I wonder if the Yankees would stand pat.  That’s hard to imagine, but at this point, the Red Sox do have the opportunity to have the better offseason despite the huge cash outlay by the Yankees.  I saw that Ken Rosenthal suggested that the Brewers trade Fielder for pitching prospects and sign Adam Dunn as his replacement.  Which, of course, makes me wonder why don’t the Red Sox consider Dunn?  Granted, he is a defensive liability but he is a proven power hitter with good on base percentage.  He is a patient hitter (maybe too patient it has been suggested), but he’d provide solid protection for Papi.  Plus, Clay Buchholz would stay on the Red Sox roster…

I have a tough time picturing Derek Lowe in a Braves uniform.  I think he is a much better fit with the Mets or Phillies…assuming that he wants to win.  He’d be a great fit on the Yankees, but of course, that’s cost prohibitive (you don’t pay those kind of dollars to your fifth starter..are you listening Andy?). 


Whatever happened to Oscar Gamble?…


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