Good moves by the BoSox…

As much as I hate to give credit to the Red Sox, I thought the signings of SP John Smoltz and OF Rocco Baldelli were excellent moves.  Clearly, the Red Sox can now stack up a rotation that meets or exceeds anybody.  There’s risk with both players, but the price offsets much of the risk.  These were good moves by Theo, and of course, Smoltzie gives the Red Sox the ability to seriously entertain moving Clay Buchholz for better pieces to the puzzle.

Red Sox or not, it is going to be tough to see John Smoltz in anything other than a Braves uniform…

Meanwhile, the Yankees are actively trying to move either Xavier Nady or Nick Swisher.  By all accounts, it will be the former.  Either way, I am not convinced that you want Swisher as your starting right fielder.  I’d rather have him as the fourth outfielder, who can back up Mark Teixeira if necessary.  It’s tough having question marks in both right and center.  Johnny Damon is the only certainty in the outfield. Anyone got an extra $20 mil or so lying around that we can use to bring Manny to the Bronx? 

Rob Neyer makes a good argument on his ESPN blog for why the Yankees should just hang on to both Nady and Swisher.  He’s right…

I like the way the Andy Pettitte camp floated the possibility that Andy would be open to returning to the Astros.  Of course, the Astros GM subsequently stated that Andy would not fit their budget.  I still think Andy will eventually re-sign with the Yankees, but this prolonged negotiation, with so much posturing by both sides, is getting old. 

I thought the photo of Jason Giambi putting his head on Billy Beane’s shoulder during yesterday’s press conference was priceless.  Clearly, the old “G” is  back.  Well, in every way except the MVP caliber production that the A’s were accustomed to in 1999 or 2000.  Still, Giambi is going to have a much more positive impact on the A’s clubhouse than he ever did or could have with the Yankees clubhouse. 

I saw that Kris Benson pitched for the Dodgers.  I have always liked Benson, and I am hopeful that a team takes a chance on him and that he has the opportunity to capture some of the promise he held when he was younger.  I have a Benson signed baseball from his days with the Pirates, and I have always hoped that he would achieve success in the major leagues.  But injuries have derailed his career.  Nevertheless, here’s to you, Kent.  Hopefully, the Dodgers saw enough that you can make it to Joe Torre’s lineup card…

Hey Brett Favre…it’s called retirement; try it, you might like it…

How cool would it be for Joe Flacco to defeat the mighty Titans?…

Whatever happened to former Yankee second baseman Brian Doyle?…

I don’t know the answer to this question, but have the top pitcher and hitter to be traded at the trading deadline ever been subsequently signed as free agents by the same team in the subsequent offseason prior to this year?

Well, the battle today was won by the Red Sox, but the war ensues…

Goodnight all!




One comment

  1. juliasrants

    I think the Red Sox moves were solid and should help the team. I can’t understand how the Yankees can sign someone in the off-season and then look to trade him before the season begins. Did Swisher do something? And I wouldn’t worry about Favre. I think the entire Jets team will show him what retirement is.


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