Somewhere in Texas…

The reports are now coming out that Andy Pettitte has formally rejected the Yanks’ $10 million offer, but the possibility of his return to the team remains.  I have felt all along that they need to build incentives into their base offer so that if Andy can achieve certain objectives, he can reduce the paycut he is being asked to take.  There has to be a happy median between both camps that can work.  If not, the Yanks should cut bait and move on. 

The on again, off again rumors continue regarding Jake Peavy and the Cubs (which may never come to fruitition with the pending sale of the Padres), but the Cubs front four is a rather formidable group (Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster, Rich Harden, and Ted Lilly).  It carries no less the injury risk that the Yankees have (with primarily A.J. Burnett), but if Peavy is added to that staff, they’d clearly have to be the early favorites for the World Series.  Why did we trade Ted Lilly for Jeff Weaver again?…

I found it odd that Newsday would actually write a story that #23 was not available for Mark Teixeira.  Like there was a chance that would ever happen.  Why didn’t they go on to say that #4 was also not available?  I think #25 is the best choice as it is a strong power number, but admittedly, I don’t like the Giambi stigma attached to it.  Continuing Mark’s recent number trend (23 with the Rangers, 24 with the Braves, 25 with the Angels), he should bump Jose Molina and take #26…

Today should be another productive day with free agent signings if yesterday was any indication… 




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  1. juliasrants

    It seems that many players who are still unsigned (Jason Varitek for example) are having a hard time facing the reality that their productivity has diminished and they will not get up front all the money they are asking for. They need to make a decision – play for less or take their bats & balls and go home.


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