Red Sox Paranoia…

I haven’t decided if this blog is pro-Yankees or anti-Red Sox!  Maybe a little of both?  😉

I came home tonight and was anxious to see what was airing on the MLB Network, and proceeded to relive the nightmares of the Red Sox eliminating a 3 games to none deficit to the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS.  The only thing worse would be watching Luis Gonzalez hit that bloop single in the 2001 World Series…oh yeah, that was on the MLB Network a few days ago!  AAARRGH!  I really wish that Comcast Cable had the option to pick up the YES Network! 

I got into running more than a year ago, and spent the majority of 2008 training for my first marathon (NYC last November).  In no given month did I miss more than 5 or 6 days working out at the local gym.  Since the marathon (I finished under 4 hours which isn’t bad for my age), I’ve continued with my distance training.  Yet, today at the gym, as I was getting ready after a run and workout, some guy I’d never seen before walked in and said, “New Year’s Resolution, huh?”  What???  All I could think was that this guy HAD to be a freakin’ Red Sox fan!

The Yankees sign C Kevin Cash and the Red Sox counter by signing INF Nick Green…somehow I don’t think either move will ensure 2009 success…

Tampa made the right move in signing Pat Burrell to be their DH.  Clearly, he is no longer suited for the field, and I think his veteran presence will help the younger Rays.  Pat is a stand-up guy, and others will benefit greatly from his example.  Of course, now that Tampa has Burrell, I expect to see the Giambi deal finalized in Oakland sooner rather than later, and despite Ken Griffey Jr’s Orlando home, I think the speculated return to Seattle will happen.

In looking at the list of current free agents, you can’t help but get the sense that there are going to be some quality hitters and pitchers on the outside looking in when spring training rolls around.  The experts are expecting a flurry of free agent signings now that the first of the year has passed, and today was certainly a step in that direction, but there will be a number of losers in this market.  And I think Barry Bonds telling everyone that he’ll be ready by Opening Day is an absolute joke.  I simply cannot see any team signing him…or Sammy Sosa…at this point.

Now that Carl Pohlad has died, do his billions of dollars get pumped into the Twins franchise and make the team a major market player?  Um, probably not…

 “Whether you love them or hate them, everybody wants to be Yankee – A.J. Burnett




  1. Elizabeth D.

    LOL Julia!
    I’ve pretty much fallen in love with the MLB Network (not just because of the recent Red Sox specials either) and I’m excited for what is to come! I have to agree with you on Burrell though-definitely more suited as a designated hitter though. It’d be great for Ken Griffey Jr. to return to Seattle. And Barry Bonds– that’s a joke! No one wants the drama that comes with him.

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