Oliver Perez, among other things…

The New York Post is running a story today that the Yankees should pursue Oliver Perez for the back end of the rotation should Andy Pettitte not re-sign with the team.  While the stats support the argument and Perez is 10 years younger, I am not so sure that I’d want to deal with Oliver’s lack of focus in less significant games.  Of course, the Post uses the argument that the Yankees would be perfect for Perez because every game is a big game and he’d be surrounded by veteran leadership which would make it less likely he’d become complacent.  I am not so sure I agree…maybe for the short term but not the long term unless he makes significant changes in the way he approaches every game.  I’d rather see what the Yankees have with Phil Hughes before contemplating the addition of Perez.  Which is why it would make more sense for the Yankees to build some incentives into their $10 million offer to Pettitte and bring him back for a year (to allow Hughes to slowly transition into the rotation rather than being thrust into the spotlight like last year). 

I haven’t been so concerned about the Rays this offseason, but it is hard to under-estimate what a year of maturity will do for their fine young hitters, particularly with Evan Longoria.  David Price will also be huge in the coming season, so they’ll clearly be there until the end.  But the Red Sox do concern me.  They obviously have less holes to fill, and it really wouldn’t take much fine-tuning to generate a 100-win team for 2009.  I am glad that they won’t have Teixeira, but I still think they’ll make a significant move between now and Opening Day that will be a potential difference-maker.  If the Twins fall out of it early next year, do they trade Joe Mauer to the Red Sox at the trading deadline?  It could happen…

I still think the Dodgers will re-sign Manny…

Peter Abraham wrote a great article yesterday on the LoHud Yankees Blog entitled “Stop the Madness, Please!”.  I think he perfectly stated each point accurately and succinctly.  The basic gist was Joba should stay in the rotation, the Yankees would be foolish to sign Manny, and leave Matsui alone.  But I thought the point about quit hating on young players was great by showing that Mickey Mantle hit .267 in his first 341 AB’s and struck out 74 times, while Tom Glavine was 9-21 with a 4.76 ERA in his first two seasons. 

Sounds like Mark Teixeira will be in New York for his physical in the next day or so, with the obligatory news conference early in the week.  I guess just as CC’s and A.J.’s press conference was billed as the final one at the old Yankee Stadium, so will Mark’s…

I think it’s more likely that Giambi will sign with Oakland than Tampa, but I wonder how long before the A’s crowds warm back up to him.  I don’t think there was a player jeered as badly as Jason was when he returned to the Bay Area.  One home run or two?  😉

Whatever happened to Jeremy Giambi…






  1. juliasrants

    Fid, The Yankees have been the strangest team to watch this off-season. Bidding against themselves for players, and not bringing back players that you would expect them to – like Pettitte. I have a lot of faith in my Red Sox – if they can resolve their catching issue I believe they will be a very solid team that will be playing well into October. The Rays – I don’t know. It seemed to me that they had such a mental letdown after the Red Sox took them to 7 games that they had nothing left when it came to the World Series. It will be interesting to see how they will handle being under a microscope this season.


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