A New Year’s Wish for Scott Proctor…

I sincerely hope that 2009 bodes well for Scott Proctor and that he is able to recapture some of his past success this year with the Florida Marlins.  Good luck Scott…well, so long as the Marlins don’t make it to the World Series to face the Yankees!

I can’t believe that the Giants have made a 4 year offer to Manny.  Wow, what a potential clubhouse with the Big Unit and Manny being Manny.  And to think they thought Barry was difficult!

I am looking forward to the Yankee offices re-opening next week.  It has been too quiet on the Yankee front.  I am still a proponent of trading an outfielder for prospects and to make some minor moves to solidify other weak areas.  I don’t know enough about Kevin Cash to know if he is a viable back up to Molina and Posada, but the guy’s batting average is horrific.  Hopefully, he has some potential upside.  I wonder how Melky Cabrera’s offseason conditioning has been going.  If he and Robby could make some major steps forward this season, the 2009 Yankees will rank up there among the best.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Brett Gardner, but it would be great if Cabrera could fulfill some of his promise. 

I keep hearing that the Red Sox are in pursuit of a young stud hitter.  Granted, it won’t be Hanley Ramirez unless the Fish go on a drinking binge.  But IF the Red Sox land a quality hitter that can come close to replacing Manny’s production and David Ortiz can get back to his previous form and Mike Lowell still has a few more years left, the Yankees will need to little bit more to get over the hump (so long as the Red Sox don’t have to give up anything on the pitching staff, ala Dice-K).  That’s why I think the next few weeks will be so critical for the Yankees.  I am not expecting a Manny signing or anything of that magnitude, but one of those Roberto Kelly-for-Paul O’Neill trades about now would be tremendous!  🙂

Have a great weekend!


One comment

  1. juliasrants

    Kevin Cash is an interesting pickup from the Red Sox. I’m not sure his is anywhere close to being a “day-to-day” catcher and we mainly had him because he could catch Wakefield. I’m confident that Mike Lowell will be back healthy & better then ever. I do have some concerns about Ortiz. I’m taking a wait and see attitude. The thing to remember – with roughly the same team that we have now, the Red Sox were one game away from returning to the World Series last season. I have a high level of confidence that we will be playing late into October this fall!


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